Frequent questions

We are trying to help you in understanding our solutions quickly

Can I have unlimited bandwidth for my websites?
Of course! We guarantee this problem.
Can I use SSL with custom domain?
_lang{Do not! Currently it does not support SSL, but we will soon.And it is! Just buy your own SSL certificate then use for your custom domain.}
Without domains, can you have a business website or a store?
Yes! It's so simple, you just need to use our subdomains for your company's websites and stores. Once you already have custom domains and assign them to your websites and stores, everything works properly without harming or losing.
Can I have unlimited pages for a website?
Yes! Our platform is designed to allow you to create unlimited web pages, just create as you want.
Can I have a FREE online store forever?
Of course! We offer you tools and solutions to sell your creative products to the world for FREE during their lifetime. But because of limited resources, you can only have 5 products with free accounts.

Other questions

Can I add new elements to web pages?
Sorry but NO! Our platform purpose is help people create a business website quickly with favorite built-in website themes, they only need to pick one of themes then start building creative website; they'll not need to think about how to arrange the elements to make the pages beautiful, it's a mess if they don't have a lot of time.
Can I download fully created websites?
Yes! In addition to publishing websites created as own domains / subdomains, or uploading them through FTP, we also support you in downloading fully created websites.
Can I sell something on my website?
Yes! After you create a website, you just have to open a store so that you then start selling whatever you have.
Can I have a unique theme for my website?
Basically, our answer is yes! You will need to upload your unique theme and then set it as private to use just for your websites.
Do I need to update my plan?
Sorry for this, but some features and solutions are for paid members, update your plan to use these tools. Our plans are very cheap, just contact us for more details.
How about message "Access denied"?
If you are using a demo account, then many important features are disabled, please try with real accounts, it is totally FREE to register.
What is message "Your account expired"?
This message appears to alert you that your account has expired. Please renew to continue using.